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My Story

Dear friends and colleagues

As most of you will already know, I am passionate about the welfare of children. So! I am going to earnestly ask you to support me in helping to support the most vulnerable children in our very own country. You may or may not be aware of how prevalent severe child abuse is in our very own cities and towns and I sincerely believe in order to really make a difference in our crime rate and to work towards world peace we need to change the life path of vulnerable children (early intervention).

Neglected and abused children really don't have a voice until one dies and then the voice of the media is loud because it sells news. We then all voice our opinion on how terrible it is and go on thinking someone else takes care of the rest of the neglected and abused children. We don't worry too much. Well the truth is very few people are really dedicated or even care! And this few desperately need our assistance.

Have you ever wondered why some abused and neglected children survive to be loving caring adults who are truly productive members of society? Well, somewhere in their developing years there was some kind of intervention in their lives that meant the difference between them continuing on the status quo or having the insight to know right from wrong and choosing right. Somewhere someone cared! This kind of "good" intervention means the difference between that child ending up costing society greatly in terms of crime and future intergenerational abuse and neglect etc or becoming a valuable member of society.

When I resigned from the Department of Child Safety some years ago I felt I turned my back on abused and neglected children because I could not cope with seeing all the wrong perpetrated on beautiful little souls. I have since tried to do a little part in helping these children by continuing to support ACT for Kids which is a charity that intervenes in children's lives in a very positive way. ACT for Kids however needs community assistance desperately to continue their intervention services and ultimately changing the outcomes for many children who are totally voiceless....totally reliant on people with a heart and love to share.

So can I please ask you to support me in my quest to assist ACT for Kids to assist our helpless, vunerable, abused and neglected children.

Please make a donation and SHARE this link ....Remember any contribution however small will be very much appreciated......."from little things big thing grow".

Thank You in advance from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of the children who need your help.

Kerry (Caralea)


Thank You

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